Southtech\'s latest bending glass processing machine/glass forming machine (HWG-series)

Southtech Latest bending glass processing machine /glass forming machine (HWG-Series)1, Advanced Processing Methods Of CNC Guarantee The Accuracy Of Bending ;2, It Spends Less Time On The Adjustment For The Use Of The Simple And Convenient Computer Adjust Arc Structure ;3, The Distinctive Press-Roller Structure Can Reduce T

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Southtech Latest bending glass processing machine /glass forming machine (HWG-Series)

Southtech Latest Bending Glass Processing Machine /Glass Forming Machine (HWG-Series)

1, Advanced Processing Methods Of CNC Guarantee The Accuracy Of Bending ;

2, It Spends Less Time On The Adjustment For The Use Of The Simple And Convenient Computer Adjust Arc Structure ;

3, The Distinctive Press-Roller Structure Can Reduce The Straight Length Of Both Ends Of The Curve ;

4, It Can Produce Flat Tempering Glass With Cross Bending And Cooling Secton ;

5, Technical Parameters
ModeMax.Loading Loading SizeMin.SizeRadiusThicknessm2/hInstalled
6, Mainly In: Domestic Appliances, Furniture, Lamp, Automotive Sidelites, Interior Decorations, Shower Tooths, Etc.


Reasons to choose SOUTHTECH
I. Quality of our product
1. We are proudly certified from the major world glass suppliers, that our machines can temper all types of float glass, especially the soft coated low-e glass, mainly the double and triple silver of emissivity with E value of 0.015.
2. The Flatness of our tempered glass is about 1-1.2‰. And the wave degree is less than 1%, and there are no visual wind spots, stains or white stripes.
3. The breakage rate for 5mm is 80pcs/5 cm2, which is double the international standard of 40pcs/5 cm2. 
Southtech Latest Bending Glass Processing Machine /Glass Forming Machine (HWG-Series)

II. The stability features of our machine
1. We fully guarantee that our product is consistent and stable. We offer to all our customers a very reliable machine.
2. Our components are proven for long service life-time. Example for that: heating elements, thermocouples, insulation material, electrical elements and convection system. And so, we are able to give a 5 years guaranteefor some components including ceramic rollers, air compressor….
3. As all our machines are equipped with two blowers, that would insure that in case of failure in any blower, the production can continue for all thicknesses of 6-19mm.
4. We have AC battery for emergency driving system. In case of power cut, then the UPS can provide the needed power to finish the current batch. This is also a protection for the machine.
5. The main drive speed-reduction system is by a Siemens Reducer and a Danfoss (USA) inverter.
III. Energy Saving
1. We are able to reduce the voltage transformer capacity by 200-300 KVA compared to other competitors and this is due to the newest power-adjustment technology. There is no power loss or waste in our machine system.
2. Thanks to our unique passing -section, that insure a higher quality tempered glass, with a 60% energy savingin the quenching section.
3. We have a technology that supply low air pressure, but with big air flow.
4. We have a multiple heating zones, which helps to get a very fine adjustment of the heating elements. This feature helps to realize a uniform temperature and heating speed, with a tolerance of +/-2C
5. Our convection system can be shut down at any time. It does not require to be running all the time.
6. We use a TOP-AND-BOTTOM compressed-air convection system with air recycling system. With this system, we can temper all types of low-e. Our system is stablehighly efficientenergy saving, and zero maintenance cost.
7. While our top heating elements are without cover (to insure quicker heat transfer and less power consumption), but the bottom heaters are with cover, to protect the heating system in case of glass breakage.
8. Zero speed of blower in stand-by mode for the next glass feed.
9. We use a high quality insulation material and structure system. This improves the heat efficiency and prevents heat leakage.
10. Our machine can be completely shut down after a working day. No need to keep the heater on. And on the following day, it only needs a 20min heat-up to reach the 700C.
11. We apply a rational convection structure that ensures no side heat leak, and so no risk on the roller bearings.
12. We can use a water-cooling technology.
IV. Control Performance
1. We have an in-house developed intelligent database system.
2. The heating chamber, Top and Bottom, consist of multiple heating zones. Those zones are shown on the monitor screen, and the operator can adjust each zone settings separately.
3. All data of each batch can be recorded (glass type, quantity, tempering settings and height of quenching section), and this data can be recalled at any time to be used again.
4. Operator can control the bottom quenching distance to get a better flatness results.
5. Automatic detection system for each heating element, so the operator will get a message on the screen if any heating element is not working well.
6. All control parameters are shown on the monitor.
7. We have remote control service to check up the machine condition and to recognize any possible problem. And lately, we are offering a mobile application to help us to access the machine in case of defects, and also help the operator to check the production and activity of the machine.
8. We guarantee a tolerance in the heating chamber of ±2C.
9. We have an on-screen interface to show the situation of each production batch instantly. 
V. Brand
1. Southtech is one of the Top 5 in the world and Top 3 in China.
2. Annual sales in around 180 machines, and of those, more than 110 with convection system.
3. Southtech is responsible for the maintenance and after sales service around the world.
4. Our equipment is currently used in China in the production of high-performance glass.
5. The majority of our clients have come again to buy our machines.
VI. Installation and maintenance
1. We use a combined structure that is convenient for installation, dismantling and transportation.
2. Our convection system is independent of the machine, and it is not complicated. And it requires Zero maintenance. 
3. No need for a special foundation for our blowers system.
4. Except for the blowers and main drive system, there is no need for lubrication. Maintenance of Southtech machine is simple and easy.
5. The electrical components are plug-in type easy to replace.
6. An advanced scan system is available on the screen, to indicate location of any defect or problem in the machine. 
VII. After sales service
Southtech Latest Bending Glass Processing Machine /Glass Forming Machine (HWG-Series)

VIII. Communication
1. Southtech is a customer-friendly company and easy to reach us. Our colleagues are responsible persons. We all care for you. We support you. Stand by your side.
2. We are opened to any suggestion. We listen, and we modify when need.
We deliver a customized and tailor-made machine. We also offer standard machines.
Others can say or claim whatever they want. But at Southtech, YOU SEE, and You can believe. Performance is irrelevant to complications.
We have a machine that will help you grow your business.



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