Semi-automatic horizontal glass washing machine (YD-QXJ25)

Note: With many years of experience and development, SINOMAC has obtained the full capacity to offer complete and professional Turnkey Projects for you. It is quite worhty of your choice. Welcome to vist and consult us.1. Basic Technical Data1. 1 Production performanceMax glass size:       

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Note: With many years of experience and development, SINOMAC has obtained the full capacity to offer complete and professional Turnkey Projects for you. It is quite worhty of your choice. Welcome to vist and consult us.

Semi-Automation Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (YD-QXJ25)

1. Basic Technical Data

1. 1 Production performance
  • Max glass size:       2300mm×5000mm
  • Min glass size:        420mm×300mm
  • Normal glass size: 2130mm×3660mm
  • Product thickness:  6mm - 80mm
  • Glass thickness:     3mm -19mm
1.2 Production capacity
  • Working cycle of autoclave:      3.5-4 hours ,2cycles/8h
  • Loading capacity of autoclave: 400sqm.( 2000X2000mm,4G+0.38PVB+4G) 
  • Speed of lamination line:           average 2.5 min/piece
  • Production capacity:                 about 600sqm/day (GLASS SIZE:2000X2000mm,4G+0.38PVB+4G)
1.3 Electric power
  • Total power supply: 220/480VAC, 3P+N+PE, 50 / 60Hz, 370KVA                                   
1.4 Water and Air
  • Water supply:   max. 0.6cbm/min,  pressure >= 3kg/m2 (water pool capacity min. 20m3)
  • Compressed air:  0.5 ~ 0.8MPa, flow: 6m3/min 
2. Main Equipment List

2.1   YD-SPT2737J/2-1  Automatic loading table (one side with single working station)
2.2   YD-QXJ25 Washing and drying machine
2.3   YD-YDW2540 Automatic pre-positioning machine
2.4   YD-XPD2540 Automatic sucker transferring hanger frame
2.5   YD-HPT2540 Assembling table
2.6   YD-PTJ25 PVB film unwinding machine with a motor driver (3 rollers)
2.7   YD-GDT2540 Transition conveying table
2.8   YD-CYJ25 Pre-pressing and pre-heating machine 
2.9   YD-XPT25/Y Hydraulic rotary tilting table for unloading

3. Working Process

3.1 For flat laminated glass (PVB film)
Loading by automatic loading table → Washing → Assembly automatic → Pre-heating and pressing →Unloading by hydraulic rotary tilting table→ High pressing into autoclave→ Final product

3.2 For bent laminated glass (PVB film)
Washing → Assemble by hand → Vacuum in autoclave→ High pressing in autoclave→ Final product

4. General Features

4.1 Control System of Full Line
The whole line adopts advanced communication of industrial Ethernet network and is centralized control by computer assisted in PLC and monitor display/operation. The line can be controlled and adjusted by control panel located in laminated room.

4.2 Washing and Drying Machine
Washing and drying machine is the core equipment of the whole line. The upper Rubber rollers, brush rollers and air-knives etc. can be automatically adjusted. The upper section of the machines can be elevated by 400mm for convenience of cleaning and repairing. The Brush Rollers are driven by r motors with upper and lower separately. Allocation of one soft brush and two hard brushes (can be lifted when needed) in the upper washing sector is designed for washing hard LOW-E glass, coated glass without damaging the coating.Two Stainless steel air-knives, the blower equipped with muffle cotton and air feeding filter screen pack ensures plenty of air, less noise and the good drying effect.

4.3 Spreading (Laminator) Machine
In the laminating room the pre-positioning machine, assembling table, PVB film unwinding machine with motor driven, automatic suction hanger (driven by servo system), convenient for processing of large and big glasses. There is automatic and manual mode to control transferring the glass. Every single processing glass can be conveyed in a higher speed to enter into the Pre-laminating and press section and regulated automatically the speed to running at the same speed with the Pre-laminating and press section which can make space for the next pieces of glass which improves the running efficiency of the line

4.4 Pre-pressing and Heating Section
The structure of Pre-pressing machine is reasonable, the operation is simple. The main transmission adopts frequency control, gear transmission, using quartz tube heating. Two big roller of pressing and heating furnaces have a synchronization transmission, the clearance of the two big rollers is adjusted by PLC control system, ensure the accuracy.

4.5 Forced convection glass autoclave

   High pressure section uses forced convection glass autoclave, PLC automatic control, HIM interface, ensuring safety ,reliable, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Adopting advanced partition heating, graded cooling structure, with forced convection system, achieves truly energy saving, high efficiency.
  • The advanced PLC control system and HIM interface makes the operation simple and convenient.
  • CPC (composited processing control) software, makes whole work be clear at a glance. The software contains: process control, data exchange, security protection, quality control, alarm  output, etc.

5. Main Equipments' Parameter and Features

Semi-Automation Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (YD-QXJ25)
5.1 Automatic Loading Machine --- YD-SPT2737J/2-1
5.1.1 Structure Features

  • The loading machine includes seven major components. They are mechanics of the running gear position, two-way machine running gear to take tablets, take two-way mechanical piece body, two-way mechanical arm sucker flip structure, sending pieces to pass structure, the vacuum system, electrical system. Completely adopt mechanical work and control.
  • The complete equipment adopts PLC control system with manual mode and automatic mode. The manual mode, mainly employed in regulation and maintenance of the appliance, can handle each operation separately and handle normal operation. The automatic mode is chiefly employed for the automatic cycle operation of the whole system. When the signal of piece-picking is received, the sucker turning arm rises automatically and the whole body frame begins approaching the glasses box. The movement of the body frame ceased until the sucker touches the glass. Meanwhile the vacuum system runs automatically and begins sucking the glass. After the glass is sucked, the small cylinder will raise the glasses box and then the body frame automatically retreats. In the meantime, the sucker turning arm descends to a horizontal position. After the body frame resumes to the former position, the sucker releases the pressure. Afterwards, the transmitting part is started and conveys the glass piece forward to the signal position and then stops. Then the whole body frame moves until the zero position, waiting the signal from the incise platform to convey the glass piece to it at equal speed. The shift between automatic mode and manual mode is convenient and simple.
  • The material of the whole equipment used national standard profiles welding forming, surface treatment through a special process, senior mechanical spray painting.
  • Mechanical machine design is reasonable, easy to adjust, smooth and reliable operation, the use of coupling structure to ensure access on-chip synchronous lifting.
  • The vacuuming system with reasonable design employs imported dry vacuum pump characterized by high degree of vacuum, effectiveness in sucking, and good reliability. The major vacuum components are imported.

5.1.2. Main Technical Parameters

  • Size of Table :          2880mm×4280mm
  • Height of Table :        880mm ±20mm
  • Max Size of Glass :      4500mm×2750mm
  • Thickness of Glass :     3-19mm
  • Conveying Speed :      0.6-5.5 m/min
  • Number of Sucker Arms : 4 pcs for single
  • Number of Suckers :     24 pcs for single
  • Displacement Station :   bilateral side and single station
  • Max Vacuum Degree :    >=-0.085 MPa
  • Total Power : 10.64KW
5.2  Washing and Drying Machine --- YD-QXJ25

5.2.1 Technical parameters
  • Max. glass width : 2500mm
  • Min. glass size : 300mm x 420mm
  • Glass thickness : 3~ 40mm (digital display)
  • Conveying speed : 0.6~ 5.5m/min, inverter adjusted
  • Dimensions :     5500mm×3510mm×1450mm
  • Operation elevation :  880mm±20mm
  • Power:              380VAC/50hz, 29.62KW
  • Weight:              about 4500KG
5.2.2 Structure features
  • The water-contact parts, blowing nozzles and other important parts are made by STAINLESS STEEL.
  • The elevation of the upper brushes can be automatically adjusted according to glass thickness, and the adjustment result is digital displayed.
  • The upper part can rise by 450mm in order for interior maintenance and cleaning.
  • The upper and lower brushes have independent driving motors, three pairs. The brushes are measure-made with particular grain and hardness for washing regular glass and all low-e glass.
  • The main conveyor is gear-conveying and driven by frequency conversion motor with the digital convey speed displayer.
  • The layout of wind knife: two pieces, the first is straight wind knife and the second is slanting wind knife. Wind knife is made of stainless steel.
5.3 Automatic Pre-positioning Machine --- YD-YDW2540
  • Frame : bar welded
  • Conveyor mode : shaft be coated by rubber wheel (lengthwise direction)
  • Positioning accuracy : ±0.5mm (tested 2000mm x 2000mm, 6G+0.76PVB+6G)
  • Dimensions : appro.6200mm×2980mm×880mm±20mm
  • Power : 2.2 KW
  • Speed : 0-20 m/min
  • Speed regulation : frequency variation and gear drive
5.4 Assembling table --- YD-HPT2540
  • Dimensions : appro.4000mm×(1910-2510)mm×880mm±20mm
  • Total power : 1.5 KW
  • Speed regulation : frequency variation and computer monitor PLC.
  • Speed : 0~20 m/min
  • Current supply : 480VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Air supply : pressure 0.5~0.8 MPa, flow rate2.63 L/min
  • Weight : appro.1650 KG
5.5 Automatic Sucker Transferring Hanger Frame --- YD-XPD2540
  • Max working speed : 0~40m/min (conveying by synchronous belt, positioning by liner guiding  track)
  • Processing glass size : 2500mm x 4000mm (Automatic)
  • Max suction weight : 900 KG
  • Conveyor motor power: 2.5 KW
  • Positioning accuracy : ±0.2 mm (tested 2000mm x 2000mm, 6G+0.76PVB+6G)
  • Air supply : pressure 0.5~0.8 MPa, flow rate 6.3 L/min
  • Max negative pressure of sucker : -0.08 Mpa
  • Weight : appro.1800 KG (Include moving track, guiding girder and bracket)

5.6 PVB Film Unwinding Machine --- YD-PTJ25

  • Loading PVB roll capacity : 3rollers, cutting film by manual.
  • PVB roll changing mode : changed by hanging equipment.
  • Unwinding and winding PVB film is driven by motor.
  • Dimensions : appro.2440mm×4070mm×2300mm
  • Motor power : 0.75X3=2.25 KW
  • Weight : appro.1000 KG
  • All of PVB film rollers are handled with zincification.
  • Material of crossing bridge : Aluminous board with flower pattern.

5.7 Transition Conveying Machine --- YD-GDT2540

  • Dimensions :           4000mm×2780mm×880mm±20mm
  • Max glass width :   2500 mm
  • Min glass size :     300mm×420 mm
  • Thickness :             3~80 mm
  • Speed :                     0~20 m/min
  • Speed regulation :  frequency variation regulation
  • Conveying power :  1.5 KW
  • Weight :                   appro.1200 KG 
5.8 Pre-pressing and Pre-heating Machine --- YD-CYJ25

5.8.1 Technical parameters
  • Max. glass width :      2500mm
  • Min. glass size :         300mm x 420mm
  • Glass thickness :       3- 80mm
  • Conveyer elevation : 880mm±20mm
  • Conveying speed :    0.25 - 3.5 mm/min, inverter adjusted
  • Dimensions :             9580mm×3400mm×1700mm
  • Control :                    integrated PLC control
  • Power :                      480VAC/50Hz, 112.2 KW
  • Roller :                      heating zone rollers are Kevlar winded
  • Air supply :                 pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa, flow:4.67 L/min
  • Weight :                      about 4500 KG

5.8.2  Features

  • Controlled by PLC with digital display. The temperature can be adjustable according the set value. The pressing flow : Pre-heating Pre-pressing Heating zone 1,2→ Final pressing .
  • High quality IR heating elements of particular wave length can focus almost all heat on the PVB film than on the glass, therefore the heating power is tremendously saved, while production efficiency is considerably improved.
  • The Pressing force and conveyer speed are precisely controlled according to the features of product composition.
  • Main conveyor is gear driven and frequency adjustment.
  • The structure of Conveyor roller: Heating zone is shaft winded high temperature proof rope and the unloading zone is shaft coated rubber roller.
  • The heating furnace includes forced convection fan, which is suitable for LOW-E glass.
5.9 Hydraulic Rotary Tilting Table for Unloading --- YD-XPT25/Y
  • Dimensions :                     appro.4000mm×2250mm×900mm±20mm
  • Max glass size :               2500mm x 5000mm x (δ)mm
  • Max rotation weight :       1000 KG
  • Main conveying Speed : 0 - 20 m/min
  • Power :                              appro.5.25 KW
  • Max rotary angle :           85°± 2° (adjustable)
  • Weight :                            appro.2000 KG
6. Packing

6.1 The equipment will be properly packed / wrapped considering long-distance ocean and land transportation and rough handling that may happen in the absence of both parties.
6.2 Proper protection from moisture, rust, mold, scratches, shaking, etc, will be taken so that the goods may arrive at the installation site in good condition.
6.3 Shipping marks and warning signed will be clearly painted, and detailed packing list (in English) will be soundly attached, to the outside of the packing.

7. Spare Parts

The Seller should provide with the delivery a plenty list of spare parts in order that the Buyer can maintain the equipment in good performance within the quality guarantee. By the end of the guarantee period, the Seller should re-supply free of charge the listed spare parts which have been used due to inferior quality.

8. Equipment Specifications

8.1 Washing & Drying Unit
   - Displayer: TOYO(Japan)
   - Motor and reducer: Wuxing, Hangzhou, China
   - Inverter: MITSUBISHI,
   - Pump: Huizhou Pump (long life pump)
   - Air Cylinders: Airtac, Taiwan
   - Fan: Hangzhou, China
   - Main electric elements: Schneider, China

8.2 Spreading Machine
  - HIM: Wenview touch screen
  - Motor and reducer: Wuxing, Hangzhou, China
  - Inverter: MITSUBISHI
  - Vacuum Pump: WuXi ZhongCe, China
  - Air Cylinders: Airtac, Taiwan
  - Vacuum Sensor: SMC
  - Main electric elements: Schneider, China

8.3 Pre-heating and Pre-pressing Unit
  - Motor and reducer: Wuxing, Hangzhou, China
  - Inverter: MITSUBISHI
  - Sensors and Encoders: Omron
  - Air Cylinders: Airtac, Taiwan
  - Infra-red heaters: Hailisi,Jinzhou,China
  - Main electric elements: Schneider, China
  - Rollers: Hi-duty steel pipe and Kelver (5.5 * 5.5)

9. Delivery, Installation and Quality Guarantee

9.1 Delivery
The delivery period is
60 days after receiving the down-payment;

9.2 Installation
  • The installation and commissioning takes 2 persons x 15 days (max.) under Buyer's assistance. Production training is carried out during the same period.
  • The international travelling cost, including round-trip air tickets, insurance, boarding and meals of the Seller's service team should be charged to the Buyer.
9.3 Quality Guarantee
The Seller provides
14 months quality guarantee, during the time the Seller is responsible for all equipments failures due to inferior quality, improper design or services.

10. Workshop View

Semi-Automation Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (YD-QXJ25)

11. Model List

SINOMAC Full Automatic Laminated Glass Prduction Line
ModelMax. Glass SizMin. Glass SizeGlass ThicknessTotal PowerCapacity
SN-JCX2060A2000×6000 mm 420×300 mm4-80 mm302.5 Kw1200 sqm/8h
SN-JCX2560A2500×6000 mm420×300 mm4-80 mm335.5 Kw1500 sqm/8h
SN-JCX2580A2500×8000 mm420×300 mm4-80 mm358 Kw1800 sqm/8h
SN-JCX3080A3000×8000 mm500×400 mm4-80 mm503 Kw2000 sqm/8h
SN-JCX3280A3200×8000 mm500×400 mm4-80 mm565 Kw2350 sqm/8h
Capacity is based on laminated glass size 4+0.38+4 (mm).

12. Layout Drawing (for reference)

Semi-Automation Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (YD-QXJ25)

13. Projects Oversea

13.1 FUSO Glass India Pvt. Ltd.                                                      India  
13.2  Art-N-Glass Inc.                                                                      India
13.3  BRILLIANT Auto Safety Glass                                                Syria
13.4  GLASSFAB Tempering Services Inc.                                     USA
13.5  Venicio Inc.                                                                             USA
13.6 CSVM                                                                                      Tunisa
13.7  ABU SARHED Transport Company                                       Saudi Arabia
13.8  Asia Glass Safety Glass Co.                                                  Iran
13.9  T.E. Abrasive & Tools Marketing                                           Singapore
13.10  Henglass [ M ] Sdn. Bhd.                                                     Malaysia
13.11  Vietnam Glasstech Financing and Promoting Co., Ltd        Vietnam
13.12  Incovisa Comercio Importacao e Exportacao Ltda              Brazil
13.13 Master Graphics C.A.                                                           Venezuela
13.14 Vidrios Vertical Vidvertical, Cía. Ltda                                   Ecuador

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