Know your rights in electronic products

2021-12-06 19:32:58 By : Ms. summer xia

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As the cold winter approaches and fuel costs continue to strain household finances, it is important to ensure that our appliances are worth the money.

According to Oust's research, Britons will spend nearly 26 million pounds (34 million U.S. dollars) to replace damaged electrical appliances in the next five years.

Here are some suggestions on how long the machine should be used and what you can do to extend its life.

Keeping electrical appliances in good condition will help them maintain a reasonable longevity, so it is very important to maintain the best maintenance condition. This can be as simple as descale your appliances on a regular basis.

More than 60% of British households suffer from hard water, which can cause scale to build up in household appliances. This affects kettles and coffee machines, as well as plumbing, faucets, shower heads, irons and washing machines, making them less energy efficient and more expensive to run.

Using a descaler product every three months can solve the problem within a few minutes and should extend the life of current appliances.

If a device seems to be broken, YouTube can be an easy and free way to find a solution as long as you take any necessary safety measures to avoid injury.

Whether it’s a computer displaying a random error code or you want to reset the clock on the oven, there are always plenty of self-help videos online.

Observing how other people solve the same problem is more effective than the vague troubleshooting section of the manual. The manufacturer’s video may reveal the problem, but it is unlikely to give a solution, and can only call a maintenance engineer for around £120.

However, self-made videos can use everyday language to guide you step by step to solve problems and solutions.

Not all problems can be solved with online video, so sometimes you need to call an expert. Try the local repair company instead of the manufacturer's engineer, as this is usually half the price. If the problem is really small, they usually spend little money or free to solve it.

For more moving items, local repair cafes may be a good place to repair electrical appliances for free.

Volunteers with tools, materials, and expertise will repair your equipment to avoid sending it to a landfill.

Knowing how long an appliance should be used is tricky, because most manufacturers will not provide a lifetime for their products, although the manufacturers Miele and ISE are exceptions.

According to the White Goods Trade Association, "the law cannot guarantee durability."

This means that it is impossible to determine how long the machine should run without failure, and what the expected life span should be.

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Most equipment is usually designed with mean time between failures (MTFF). This shows the average working time of a machine, although appliance manufacturers rarely publish these figures.

For example, some TVs have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours before failure.

The quality and price of the machine will be the main factors in its service life. For example, the MTTF of a low-end washing machine is 600 hours, while the use time of a high-end washing machine may exceed 10,000 hours.

Generally speaking, lower prices also lead to shorter lifespans, which means that cheaper products are not manufactured with the same quality, performance, or lifespan.

Sometimes machines or equipment will stop working, and you think it’s too early. Even if you do not purchase a warranty or extend the warranty period, it is reasonable to expect that the device can be used for more than one year.

In theory, this is supported by the Consumer Law, which stipulates that goods should last for a "reasonable time."

The 2015 Consumer Rights Act stipulates that if the product is defective, you can file a claim against the retailer for up to six years from the date of purchase (five years in Scotland).

If the product was purchased before 2015, you can refer to the 1979 Sales of Goods Act.

Unfortunately, if the machine fails within six years, this does not give you full power to request repair or replacement, and retailers are very good at handling complaints that cite consumer laws. They may want you to provide an engineer’s report proving that the equipment was inherently faulty at the time of purchase.

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Starting in July this year, manufacturers are required by law to provide spare parts to people who purchase electrical appliances, even though they have a two-year grace period to comply.

The purpose of the new rules is to extend the service life of products by up to 10 years, thereby benefiting both customers and the environment.

Therefore, it is always worth checking whether there are new parts before discarding the equipment.

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