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2022-07-30 09:02:08 By : Mr. Tyler Zhang

The cornerstone of the Forel insulated glass solutions is the High Tech Ig Line. This range of products is a prime example of Forel’s 44 years of knowledge and dedication to customers. This line can process assembled glass units up to jumbo size, weighing 400kg (880lb) per linear meter, and up to 100mm (3.9”) thick.  Completed by a range of exclusive devices and patented systems for working with curved or bowed glass, processing of offsets, shapes, doubles, triples, and even quadruple IG units, with rigid or flexible spacer.

In 2020, Forel has released a special version of the “High Tech” line, equipped with a flexible spacer applicator and a “Hot Melt” sealing robot, developed specifically for those glaziers which use hot melt sealing products for the assembling of the insulating glass unit.

The "High Tech" IG line – Hot Melt is composed of:

Vertical washing machine: Four different processing zones, which include: pre-washing, washing, flushing, drying. The washer is enriched with special sensors to detect the thickness of the glass and the presence of Low-E coating. The washer uses up to 6 independent hard and soft brushes (8 as optional), to adapt to specific glass thickness and coatings. 

Inspection Station: The inspection station LED light configuration and the movable sliding bars allows the operator to locate imperfections more clearly. For extra precision, the Inspection Station is available in an IS HT version, with a rear chamber to more easily inspect both sides of the glass lite.

Automatic Flexible Spacer Applicator:  This model of applicator is equipped with a special dual automatic reel change, for high productivity and time optimization and a corner tape applicator to improve reliability and increase gas retention.

Coupling Flat Press with Gas Filling:  The coupling flat press is equipped with patented retractable extra suction cups on the rear side of press: thanks to this feature, it can flatten bowed or warped glass, while also improving gas filling and reducing gas waste. The coupling press has a double circuit of gas filling for argon/krypton. 

“Hot Melt” Sealing Robot:  Patented nozzle follows the curvature of the glass to ensure an accurate and clean secondary seal. Capable of high productivity processing, the sealing robot can process double or triple IG units and also a wide range of shapes.

A new video of Hot Melt IG line is available on Youtube and Vimeo.

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