Cleaning: How to clean your oven, washing machine, refrigerator and dryer in two hours |

2021-11-22 11:54:34 By : Mr. Ryan Wang

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Cleaning your white goods can be a long task, and it can take some people hours. In fact, research by the bingo website Tombola found that Britons spend 470 days in their lives cleaning. Now, the website reveals their tips and trucks, which can clean all white goods, baking soda and white vinegar in two hours.

Cleaning the refrigerator in less than 20 minutes sounds impractical, but it can be done.

Tombola recommends removing the drawer first, and then cleaning it with hot water and detergent.

Before putting them directly into hot water, let the glass reach room temperature to prevent it from breaking.

Next, mix the vinegar with cold water and spray it on the stained area of ​​the refrigerator.

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Wipe everything with a rag or cloth before putting it back in the refrigerator.

Before cleaning the machine, remove all parts that can be cleaned separately, such as the soap tray.

To clean the tray, use a cloth or toothbrush to scrape off any old soap residue.

If some of them are still sticky or sticky, spray white vinegar and soak them before wiping.

Check for potential blockages in other areas of the machine with debris or hair.

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Next, pour a quart of white vinegar into the drum and set it to a high heat cycle.

This will ensure that the machines are clean and mean that you can clean them properly the next time you wash your clothes.

Finally, let the machine door open to air dry, and then wipe the front of the machine with a microfiber cloth.

Tombola recommends turning off the dryer before cleaning around and outside the drum.

Next, remove the lint filter and brush off all the lint with your fingers.

You should check if you can run the filter under warm water.

Next, draw a vacuum around the filter to remove any excess dust, lint, or debris.

Before finishing, check for any blockages in the vents.

Tombola discovered that cleaning the oven is the most annoying chore for the British.

To remove stubborn stains, mix vinegar and baking soda into a paste, and then apply it to the inside of the oven and on the glass door.

If you have time, leave it for about 30 minutes or overnight.

Wipe it off and your oven should be clean and tidy.

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