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2021-11-13 06:47:24 By : Mr. Iris Sun

Boise, Idaho-Supply shortages continue to affect almost all industries in the country, including the glass industry. Glass manufacturers across the United States have difficulty keeping up with the demand for products such as glass bottles, glass jars, and windshields. 

This shortage has had a negative and positive impact on Baogu's auto glass repair shops.

"I have worked here for 13 years and we have never encountered such a shortage of glass," said Lauren Brown, general manager of InterMountain Auto Glass in Treasure Valley.

Brown said that auto glass shops usually try to obtain parts and supplies from three local manufacturers in Boise, but sometimes they cannot obtain some vehicle materials. She said that when serving certain customers, they must be creative.

Brown said: "For a while, we had 20 people waiting in line to buy a new windshield for them." "[We] ordered from a dealer and got supplies from Spokane, Wyoming, and [and] Tricity. We I just want to find these parts wherever possible."

According to Brown, this auto glass shop usually serves about 50-75 customers a week. However, due to glass shortages, she said that about 15% of the glass orders they took could not be completed.

"I mean, just three minutes ago, I had to tell customers that we didn't have their glasses, and we had to call them as soon as the glasses arrived," Brown said. 

For orders and services they cannot complete, InterMountain Auto Glass keeps customers in the filing system. In most cases, they are able to obtain materials for new vehicles, but they will encounter supply problems when it comes to old models.

Not only is it difficult for InterMountain Auto Glass to find the material, but the supply price is also rising, especially if they have to ship the glass from outside the state.

"The average price of each windshield we ship is about $50 to $90, so if we can't buy it locally, we have to go elsewhere. Unfortunately, the customer has to bear the cost," Brown explained Say.

However, it is not all bad news. Since the shortage is nationwide, InterMountain Auto Glass has customers from the western region calling to look for supplies. Brown says it can be found in stores most of the time.

She said that this year was their most successful year. 

"We like to be able to help them because the private vehicles they drive every day don't have a windshield. I can imagine that it's not very comfortable," Brown said.

Although this shortage continues, Brown asks people to be patient and continue to shop and support local businesses as much as possible.

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